Styling: Holiday Hair with Alexandra Grant

Styling Holiday Hair

Chris Weber x My Kitsch


No one gets invited to more holiday parties than a fashion blogger… and they start early! Last week I spent the day with Vancouver blogger, Alexandra Grant, and we played around with a few holiday looks that accommodate her busy lifestyle and compliment her minimalistic, natural and soft sense of style.  


The night before your party, wash your hair thoroughly— since most of the clients I see are for colour, I highly recommend Kevin Murphy Angel Wash or Blonde Angel Wash if you have lightened hair.



Before blow-drying, if your hair is on the finer side, be sure to add in a volumizing lotion or mousse. I choose Anti-Gravity from Kevin Murphy because it’s oil-free and doesn’t make your hair greasy. Whether you wash the night before or the day of, I can’t say enough about the Davines Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer—it cuts drying time in half.



The morning of the party, give your hair a fine dusting of dry shampoo and plug in your curling iron—my favourite is Ceramkore Dolce Curling Iron  grab your coffee—in my case an almond milk mocha— and start curling. Once you’re done, set with a quick mist of hair spray and lightly comb out the curls with a texturizing wide tooth comb.



Go about your day and 15-30 minutes before your event, grab your favourite hair pin/bun pin-- I was recently given an opportunity to try things out with My Kitsch. (If you’re close to an Ulta Beauty, they will soon be in stores soon!)



Section your hair in half starting at the top of the ears and around to the back of your head. Divide the top section into two pieces and cross them over each other. Pin the sections to your head with bobby pins and gently tease a few pieces from the top to give it an undone look. Once it’s teased, secure the hair pin in to cover the pins. Give your hair another light mist of hair spray and use the texturizing spray, Doo.over by Kevin Murphy, to add some more texture and making look more effortless. Done and done!!! You will look flawless.



For more tips on curling your hair for specific styles, head over to Alexandra’s site, To Vogue or Bust and check out her video. Follow @chrisweberhair for more holiday hair inspiration over the next few weeks!